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Lake Atitlan in Central America

Lake Atitlan Guatemala, Central America

Lake Atitlan

Known as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, Lake Atitlan is located within the picturesque Guatemalan Highlands, Central America. Its shores dotted with Mayan villages and overlooked by three towering volcanoes, Toliman, Atitlan and San Pedro.

For those seeking a less indolent time of it, Lake Atitlan has also become something of an ‘Activity Holiday’ destination within Guatemala; trekking, cycling, canoeing and even paragliding are all possible while, for those who are feeling fit, the ascent of San Pedro volcano will afford the most stunning views over Lake Atitlan.


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Santa Cruz la Laguna

Visit Santa Cruz la laguna. It is located in Lake Atitlan. 3.5hrs away from Guatemala City and 2hrs away from Antigua Guatemala.

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Is safe to swim in Lake Atitlan?

When you are traveling through Guatemala and you arrive to Lake Atitlan, you might have the first question, is it possible to swim here?.

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Lake Atitlan Top Tours

Dont Just see it, Experience it!

At Tours Atitlan, we have carefully selcted our 4 top tours for a memorable vacation to Guatemala. Each of the below tours can be costumized to your desire and make special arrangements if needed. If you have a special request please contact us here.

Lake Atitlan tour by Boat Experience the the visit of two Mayan Villages, two different cultures and Mayan believe in...

Lake Shore Hiking & Village Tour Explore the lake on foot and by boat learn about native people and photograph ama...

Kayaking & Hiking Adventure This is a very unique experience, learning about local life, fishermen and remote communities...

Birdwatching Tour If you are a bird lover, Lake Atitlan is home for over 320 bird species. Join our birders expert guides.