Santa Cruz Spanish School

Guatemala a perfect destination to learn Spanish

Combine your trip with a spanish immersion course


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Our Language School

Since 2004 our language school has teached students from all over the world. We offer courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. All of our teachers are fantastic, patient and professional.


Our Spanish Program

At our school you can choose to learn spanish in the morning or in the afternoon. You can apply to one of our different schedules. 4hrs per day, 3hrs per day or even 5hrs for a more intensive spanish course.

All of our classes are one to one basis. Classes begin with an exploration to determine the level or knowledge of the language, focusing on the need and type of Spanish required.

You have the full attention of your teacher. Also, you do not have to worry about the "stage-fright" factor inherent in attempting to utter unfamiliar sounds and words in front of a classroom audience.

The school provides necessary materials required for your course (grammar information, homework, vocabulary).* The duration of your course depends on your needs and experience. We suggest between 4 to 8 weeks depending on our previous knowledge.*



Some pictures of our School

Our private dock

Our hotel offers a great swimming area just on the right side for a great jump.

quetzal birding tours atitlan

Our cottages

Each cottage offers a great view overlooking the lake and a small patio.

Blue-throated motmot, atitlan birding

Clean and charming

All of our rooms are with nice basic decor, clean, private bathroom and very charming.

Belted Flycatcher Birding tours guatemala

Hammocks and seating area

You will be able to explore and relax in our garden area!


Our top birding tours in Lake Atitlan, Tarrales and el Rincon Suizo

Experienced, Bilingual and Fun Birding Guides

You can choose to book any of the below tours, as a day trip from Lake Atitlan or Antigua Guatemala.

Quetzal Birding Tour Atitlan

Day trip to see the Guatemala National Bird. Perfect morning tour for passionate birders and anyone who wants to see this magnificent bird.

belted flycatcher atitlan birding tours

Endemic Birds in Atitlan this tour is for avid birders in search of specific birds. Belted flycatcher, White faced groud sparrow, blue-throated motmot...

day tours and trips to tarrales from atitlan

Day trip to Tarrales Natural Reserve, an important birding national park for Guatemala. A top place to see docens of birds!

Pink-headed Warbler birding tours atitlan

In search of Pink-headed Warbler a unique, beautful pink headed warbler in the world. Day trip from Lake Atitlan or Antigua.