Where to go during Covid-19 in Guatemala?

Travel safe to different regions of beautiful Guatemala

Are you planning a journey to Guatemala and not sure where to go?


Golden-olive WoodpeckerGuatemala is a Central America country with different nature wonders to explore such as Lake Atitlan, Pacaya Vulcan or visit World Heritage Sites declared by UNESCO like Quirigua, Tikal or most preserved Colonial city in Latino America ¨Antigua Guatemala¨
Due COVID-19 many sights have been closed or you can´t move into their area. Actual president and the new committee of COVID in Guatemala have create a semaphore where every week they update from green light to yellow light or red light. After several month where we have lock down, our president has given up and decided to re-open the country, several towns and cities are starting to open their doors to local tourism following a safe protocol of hygiene.
Tours-Atitlan has been monitoring the semaphore for the past 6 weeks and here best option for your travel plans.
Travel from Guatemala City to Lake Atitlan. Why lake Atitlan? This place besides to be gorgeous and relaxed area, you will be able to do different activates and stay in an area where has not been affected by the disease. Hikes to lookouts, kayak, mountain biking, birdwatching, cultural tours and so much things to do.

Sample Itinerary:
Day 1. Upon arrival to Guatemala City you will travel to Lake Atitlan
Day 2. Leisure day at Lake Atitlan
Day 3. Cultural visit to mayan village
Day 4. Kayak & Hike or climb to Pico del Cielo
Day 5. Birdwatching tour or Leisure day
Day 6. Travel back to Guatemala City or create and extension to Antigua Guatemala

Most hotels chosen have room service and with amazing lake front view. The area is a great destination for couples, solo travels, adventurous and families.  Is important that all meals must be served at the hotel or suggested places.
Also we recommend to spend a night in Antigua or have a glimpse on it due high case of Covid but there are sight that you can visit without putting yourself on risk (contact us for more information)


Remember Tours-Atitlan can hold your entire trip from beginning to the end –Travel well, Travel safe-



Our top birding tours in Lake Atitlan, Tarrales and el Rincon Suizo

Experienced, Bilingual and Fun Birding Guides

You can choose to book any of the below tours, as a day trip from Lake Atitlan or Antigua Guatemala.

Quetzal Birding Tour Atitlan

Day trip to see the Guatemala National Bird. Perfect morning tour for passionate birders and anyone who wants to see this magnificent bird. I want a tour to see the Quetzal

belted flycatcher atitlan birding tours

Endemic Birds in Atitlan this tour is for avid birders in search of specific birds. Belted flycatcher, White faced groud sparrow, blue-throated motmot... I would like to reserve this tour.

day tours and trips to tarrales from atitlan

Day trip to Tarrales Natural Reserve, an important birding national park for Guatemala. A top place to see docens of birds! I want to take this tour to Tarrales Reserve

Pink-headed Warbler birding tours atitlan

In search of Pink-headed Warbler a unique, beautful pink headed warbler in the world. Day trip from Lake Atitlan or Antigua. I want to take this tour including The Pink-headed Warbler