Is safe to swim in Lake Atitlan?

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Golden-olive WoodpeckerWhen you are traveling through Guatemala and you arrive to Lake Atitlan, you might have the first question, is´t possible to swim here?

Well let me tell you that Lake Atitlan is a volcanic caldera that took several years to form, and the evidence left you can appreciate begging part of the beautiful landscape. Lake Atitlan has a few beaches due its formation, but that is not the excuse. Is important you to know that the Lake is surrounded by several mayan villages that have been in the area with evidence of the pre-classic period, using the lake of part of their living like fishing, crabbing and others. Also from May to October is our raining season and all sediments drain into the lake. But Atitlan has a system where percolates slowly under the volcanoes in the south, all this water connects to a river which is connected to the ocean.
Now that you have an idea about Lake Atitlan living, so here is what happens, because we do not have enough beaches, people have found another way enjoy the lake and it will be on the norther shore of the Lake from Santa Cruz to San Marcos. The area is rocky and high, the lake is deep in most of this area and most visitors like to dive.
Another thing is that if you do not want to swim, you can also consider join in our kayak tour or perhaps paddle board.

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