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Golden-olive WoodpeckerLake Atitlan brings several important features that make birdwatching very enjoyable and productive. In a small area, many different environments are involved, and that is why the diversity of birds is so great. Of the total of 728 bird species that are recorded for Guatemala, 325  can be seen in lake Atitlan and aprox. 65 can be seen in a single day! Moreover, Guatemala and lake atitlan are very important for migrant species that arrive every year, during summer and winter, from the north of the continent.


Birds of Lake Atitlan

Horned Guan

Horned Guan (Oreophasis derbianus) is restricted to the highlands of Guatemala and Chiapas, Mexico.

quetzal birding tours atitlan

Resplendent Quetzal

Large, spectacular trogon of humid evergreen and pine-evergreen forest in the mountains of southern Mexico and Central America. It is the national bird (and lends its name to the currency) of Guatemala.

Blue-throated motmot, atitlan birding

Blue-throated motmot

Scarce inhabitant of highland forests in Chiapas, Guatemala and south to Honduras.

Belted Flycatcher Birding tours guatemala

Belted Flycatcher

Belted Flycatcher is a species of birds in the family tyrant flycatchers. It is listed as near threatened by IUCN. It is found in Lake Atitlan Guatemala.


Our top birding tours in Lake Atitlan, Tarrales and el Rincon Suizo

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You can choose to book any of the below tours, as a day trip from Lake Atitlan or Antigua Guatemala.

Quetzal Birding Tour Atitlan

Day trip to see the Guatemala National Bird. Perfect morning tour for passionate birders and anyone who wants to see this magnificent bird. I want a tour to see the Quetzal

belted flycatcher atitlan birding tours

Endemic Birds in Atitlan this tour is for avid birders in search of specific birds. Belted flycatcher, White faced groud sparrow, blue-throated motmot... I would like to reserve this tour.

day tours and trips to tarrales from atitlan

Day trip to Tarrales Natural Reserve, an important birding national park for Guatemala. A top place to see docens of birds! I want to take this tour to Tarrales Reserve

Pink-headed Warbler birding tours atitlan

In search of Pink-headed Warbler a unique, beautful pink headed warbler in the world. Day trip from Lake Atitlan or Antigua. I want to take this tour including The Pink-headed Warbler