Hotel Arca de Noe

Beautiful Small Hotel by the Lake

We are based in a very remote village in Lake Atitlan


Golden-olive Woodpecker

Arca de Noe a Lakefront Hotel

“Our hotel faces one of the most beautiful lakes in the world and three volcanoes, Atitlan lake. Ideal for a romantic break, great walks, sights nearby or as a base for exploring the surrounding area.”

Arca de Noe is just a few minutes away by boat from Panajachel.

Amenities and services

  • Quiet location near the Lake
  • Private room with full size bed
  • Private Bathroom & Hot Shower
  • Private Dock
  • Shared Patio
  • Swimming area
  • Hammocks
  • Free WIFI in common areas


Our Hotel Gallery

Our private dock

Our hotel offers a great swimming area just on the right side for a great jump.

quetzal birding tours atitlan

Our cottages

Each cottage offers a great view overlooking the lake and a small patio.

Blue-throated motmot, atitlan birding

Clean and charming

All of our rooms are with nice basic decor, clean, private bathroom and very charming.

Belted Flycatcher Birding tours guatemala

Hammocks and seating area

You will be able to explore and relax in our garden area!


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