Santa Cruz la laguna tours

Santa Cruz la Laguna tours & Things to do

A place to call your own

A very remote village in Lake Atitlan

Are you looking for a place to rest, go out, connect with nature and totally desconect from the city? Visit Santa Cruz la laguna. It is located in Lake Atitlan. 3.5hrs away from Guatemala City and 2hrs away from Antigua Guatemala. Still if you are studying spanish in Quetzaltenango you are about 1.5hrs from there.

From any of the above described locations, you must reach to Panajachel. From Panajachel you must travel by boat for about 10 minutes. It is a very scenic ride.

Boat docking area Panajachel - Tzanjuyu

The above picture shows the docking area in Panajachel known as "Embarcadero Tzanjuyu" From here you take a boat to Santa Cruz la laguna. If you are traveling with lot of sucases or a small group, we recommend taking or hiring our private service. Q125 ($15) private ride and get dropped off at any hotel like, La Fortuna, Laguna Lodge, Villa Sumaya, Casa Prana, Iguana Perdida, Arca de Noe Hotel, Free Cerveza, Isla Verde or to Casa del Mundo ($20).

In santa Cruz, you can hire a local guide at Our Travel Company explore nearby towns, hike mountains and even clim volcanoes.

From here you can take kayak tours, and even join a downhill mountain biking tour. If you want to support a local family there are several other things to do such us homestay, dining at a local family, weaving class and fishing tour like locals do.

For a fantastic and last time memory tour contact us. We will be more than happy to help you out!

Do you like birding?

Hire our expert guides for a birding tour. Add more new birds to your check list includung Belted Flycatcher, Bluen and White Mockingbird, Blue-throated Motmot and more...


Santa Cruz Attractions

El Pico de Cielo Hike

Amazing challenging advenure hike, incredible views!

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Family Kayaking Adventure

Santa Cruz is the best destination in Lake Atitlan, for hiking and kayaking and the best for swimming!

Santa Cruz la Laguna, Lake Atitlan

Explore the village of Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz la laguna, one of the most beautiful villages in Guatemala and unbeatable views of lake Atitlan.

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Chuicortel Peak

This peak is one of the most important ones in the region of Lake Atitlan, due to a ceremonial altar on the summit, and the trail that is very ancient.


Lake Atitlan Top Tours

Dont Just see it, Experience it!

At Tours Atitlan, we have carefully selcted our 4 top tours for a memorable vacation to Guatemala. Each of the below tours can be costumized to your desire and make special arrangements if needed. If you have a special request please contact us here.

Lake Atitlan tour by Boat Experience the the visit of two Mayan Villages, two different cultures and Mayan believe in...

Lake Shore Hiking & Village Tour Explore the lake on foot and by boat learn about native people and photograph ama...

Kayaking & Hiking Adventure This is a very unique experience, learning about local life, fishermen and remote communities...

Birdwatching Tour If you are a bird lover, Lake Atitlan is home for over 320 bird species. Join our birders expert guides.