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Antigua Guatemala

Here is a list things to do in Antigua:

  • A signature cultural walking and food tour
  • Day trip to Volcan de Pacaya
  • Climb Volcan Acatenango
  • Contact us for more options


Traveling to Lake Atitlan - Mayan Ruins of Iximche

Traveling to Lake Atitlan, en route you can do the following tours

  • Day tour to Mayan Ruis of Iximche then travel to Lake Atitlan
  • Market tour and travel to Lake Atitlan (Thursday & Sunday)
  • Mayan Ruins & Easy downhill biking tour to Lake Atitlan
  • Birding Tour (Pink headed warbler)

Lake Atitlan

You can spend the whole week in Lake Atitlan, that you will have plenty of things to do

  • Take our Top Tour traveling by boat and explore Mayan Villages, San Juan & Santiago Atitlan (Natural dyes & Local Artist) Colorful town
  • Centre-based Walking and Hiking tour - Volcan San Pedro, Indian Nose, El Pico de Cielo, Lowe Ancient Mayan Trail and more
  • Kayak and Hike
  • Bike, Kayak & Hike
  • Kayak and Village Visit
  • Bike and Village Visit ... More
  • Explore the eastern Villages of Santa Catarina and San Antonio Palopo
  • Day in the life with local family, cooking class and tortilla making (Also you can do a home stay experience)
  • BIRDING TOUR - See the Quetzal Bird - Our Guatemalan National Bird
  • Day trip to Chichicastenango Market
  • Learn Spanish & Explore the Lake

Nebaj & Ixil Triangle for Intrepid Travelers

Getting “lost” in a place like The Ixil Triangle is at the heart of every authentic journey: you become so absorbed in a location and culture that you’re no longer thinking of a spot on the map but immersed completely in the here and now. That’s real travel.

  • Day 1. Arrive Guatemala City and travel to Antigua Guatemala for 2 nights.
  • Day 2. Explore one of the fascinating and colorful Markets of Guatemala (Chajul)
  • Day 3. Horseback Riding / or Hiking along river side and remote mayan villages (Acul)
  • Day 4. Travel back to Lake Atitlan, Antigua Guatemala or Travel to Coban (Semuc Champey) - READ FULL ITINERARY HERE

Traveling to Rio Dulce - Quirigua Unesco World Heritage Mayan Site

En Route to Rio Dulce

  • We can include a day trip to Honduras to Copan Mayan Ruins
  • Include a Tour at the UNESCO world heritage Mayan Site of Quirigua

Rio Dulce

Once at Rio Dulce, you stay at a nice appointed hotel from where you can do the following activities

  • Include a Day trip to Finca Paraiso (Waterfall of hot water)
  • A day trip to el Boqueron
  • River Boat tour to Livingston

Livingston - Izabal

In Livingston you can choose to explore the town itself its beautiful or do the following activities & tours

  • Guided tour at Siete altares
  • Rlaxing morning at Playa Blanca

Tikal - Peten, Mayan Ruins

If you are a Mayan Ruins lover, we recommend stayin gin Tikal at least 2 days so you can explore the following sites.

  • Sunset tour Yaxha Mayan Ruins
  • Sunrise Tour at Mayan Ruins of Tikal
  • Day tour of Tikal - 8:00am - 3pm.

Coban - Lanquin & Semuc Champey

Extend your visit to Coban

  • Day tour to Semuc Champey & Lanquin
  • Explore el Biotopo del Quetzal to see our Guatemala National Bird
  • Day trip to Hunal Ye
  • Day trip to Candelarias Cave

You can explore the following destinations upon request: Huehuetenango, Todos Los Santos, Abaj Takalik Mayan Ruins and even extend your visit to Salvador and Nicaragua.

Lake Atitlan Top Tours

Dont Just see it, Experience it!

At Tours Atitlan, we have carefully selcted our 4 top tours for a memorable vacation to Guatemala. Each of the below tours can be costumized to your desire and make special arrangements if needed. If you have a special request please contact us here.

Lake Atitlan tour by Boat Experience the the visit of two Mayan Villages, two different cultures and Mayan believe in...

Lake Shore Hiking & Village Tour Explore the lake on foot and by boat learn about native people and photograph ama...

Kayaking & Hiking Adventure This is a very unique experience, learning about local life, fishermen and remote communities...

Birdwatching Tour If you are a bird lover, Lake Atitlan is home for over 320 bird species. Join our birders expert guides.