Lake Atitlan Volcanoes

"The Three Giants" Atitlan, Toliman and San Pedro

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Atitlan Volcanoes"The Three Giants"

Like many adventure travelers, wondering which volcano to hike. In Lake Atitlan there are three volcanoes Atitlán, Tolimán, and San Pedro known as “The Three Giants“, on the shores of the lake, form an impressive landscape.

Volcan Tolimán is a stratovolcano on the southern shores of Lake Atitlán. The volcano has an elevation of 3,158 m and was formed near the southern margin of the Pleistocene Atitlán III caldera. This volcano is less visited by travelers but still this requires a 4hrs to 5hrs up and 2.5hrs down.
The volcano Atitlan has been quite active historically, with more than a dozen eruptions recorded between 1469 and 1853, the date of its most recent eruption. Atitlan is part of the Central American Volcanic Arc. The arc is a chain of volcanoes stretching along Central America formed by subduction of the Cocos Plate underneath the Caribbean Plate. These volcanoes are part of the Ring of Fire around the Pacific Ocean.
If you are ready to hike this volcano, then here is what you need to know. The Atitlan Volcano has a reputation for being a tough but beautiful hike with epic views. The special characteristic of this tour is the fact you reach an elevation of 11,598 feet (3,535 meters) at the summit and overlook the Lake Atitlan and angry volcanic neighbor east, Volcan Fuego.

Volcan San Pedro,  rises above Lake Atitlán northwest of Volcán Atitlán. A long narrow bay separates Volcán Atitlán and Volcán Toliman from Volcán San Pedro. Atitlán is home to a particularly rare and beautiful bird that is endemic to the cloud forests of this region. The horned guan (Oreophasis derbianus) is a Pleistocene relic of the family Cracidae that persists today only in small fragments of its previous range. Its habitat is limited to cloud forests above approximately 1,650 metres (5,410 ft). This bird is the size of a turkey and the adult male has a one-inch scarlet-colored "horn" projecting straight up from the top of its head.

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Atitlan Volcanoes


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